miercuri, 30 aprilie 2008

Thanks to you...

Because of you I have conguered the world's greatest challenge-Love and I will always be grateful for this extraordinary gift only we shares.Meeting you has made me realize how precious and fragile love can be. I would give up everything for on moment with you , for one moment is better than a life time of never knowing you. I know that life seems to be a struggle after another.Our scenery is constantly changing , but there is one thing that remaing constant...my love for you.Please don't be angry at what life has done to us, because for the first time in my life...I have accepted my sickness I'm just thankfulthat along my journey I knew someone like you, since i have come to know you I have learned that love is the greatest feeling you will ever haveyet it is also one of the greatest sorrow. There is so much suffering , but then there are times when the crying, pain, and heartache are worth it.Those moments make all the suffering worth whil...I love you with all that I am , all that I was, and all that I ever will be.

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