vineri, 9 mai 2008

Love addict needs a love drug...(lol)

I'd like to tell you about the thoughts that often come into my mind. For example, today I realized that I became a love-addict. I can't live without this love drug! I need to take at least a smallpart of tenderness and passion every day, every hour, every minut! This feeling I got only after meeting you. I want to know everything about you , to understand your soul... I found something interesting in you every day and every time I wanted to cry.. to cry of joy coz' love is filing me ! Thank you for this wonderful feeling I can't even find proper words to say how strong my love to you is...Love is a strong drug. First you take some and then you constantly increase the dose as you need more... more love, more passion, more time to spent it with the beloved person. And finally you can't live a minute without the person you love! I hope that I will never find the treatment for this disease and we will be together forever!

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