sâmbătă, 12 aprilie 2008


Many will say that hardship & difficulty r normal. However, life should not be a struggle. It should flow w/ effortless ease&simplicity. Mine does . Life is full of love , joi , inner, peace, excitement,& meaning. Suffering& struggle is indication that an individual is of harmony w/ his inner self& purpose. Let urself be open & life will be easier. U know ur highest self by listening 2 d voice that only wants U 2 be at peace. IF U let cloudy water settle , it will become clear. IF U let ur tubbulent mind settle , ur path willalso become clear. The secrets of the universe are only secrets 2 a noisy mind. Silence is the veil of GOD.All problems contain d seed ofopportunity 4 some greater benefits, & this awareness allows U2 take d moment & transform it into a better situation or thing . That's just life; it only seems like it gets harder but if U look around U may see that others have it harder than U.


In\this world , things come and go, and we can't khow what the future may hold.Notthing really stays the same. And when we least expect it , our lives are changed if something ever changes and we happen to lose touch please know that Iwillalways thin'k of you and miss you very much.
So before the world changes I just wanted to say I am thankful we are friends yesterday and today with time and fortune on our side. I hope we never part, but if we do remember , you are forever in my heart!!!!! Good morning and happy weekend.


Touch my heart with tenderness and fill my cup with love. Share my dreams as i share yours and we will reach the staes abone. Take my hands as I g row old, and lead me when I am blind, I will show you that I really care.Good friends are hard to find.Touch my life and I will touch yours a little more each day, and we can both find happiness
somewhere, sometime someday along the way.Hugs for you from my big heart!