marți, 15 aprilie 2008

Singing same tunes....

All your life you're singing on to your own tune. One day,you will be surprised to discover someone playing a song that meshes beautifully with yours. That's real love, Love is not giving up who you's taking your identity and uniting it with someone else's.....

LOVE an't lie....

If olny you could see what is in my heart, maybe then you won't have torn it apart.
With a resounding echo memories surface from the past, maybe you and I were never meant to last. But what of these emotions ? Why do they feel right? Why must you fill my thoghts every single night? I try to turn away I try so hard to hide; but the further I went away, the more a part of me died. Now I am without an answer-I have not even a clue , of what else I can do to stop myself falling again for you.
I look at my life and connect the dots of pain:Pain!-You are doomed to haunt me over and over again.
Despair has overtaken me,
Loneliness reign's dy royal decree.
I can no longer fight this torment-Qvietly I small fade away , into nothingness I shall be sent.


Life is similar to fire . You can live it like the glowing tia of a tiny match stick. You can live it like a blazing inferno. You can make it as large, powerful, and intense as you'd like it to be.... but no matter how you choose to live your life , anyone's flame can always be guickly extinguished. Make every today the best that it can be because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Although none of us know what our futures might hold, never let your plans replace your dreams.
Without both, we will never rise to our own expectations. Use your mind , use your heart, and use your instinct.Your truest vision doesn't always come from your eyes.Life is a gift.... and a treasure!


Far across the distance and are always on my mind, my hart my soul.
You give meaning to my life. No one needs you more than I need you! Love doesn't ask why so don't ask me if I am right or wrong coz'it's the heart that speaks. Iust be crazy now, tninking too much of you... just let me coz' my life started to change.... i wake up each day feeling alright.
You fill up the empty space in my heart. You came at the right time. I never expected to meet someone like you who took away all my fears and sorrows. Surely , my life is a gift coz'you are one of the many reasons. So I promise to spend my lifetime loving you and catching every drop of hope to better days with you till end of time.


I woke up filled with thoughts of you. I realized how muchi mportat you are in my live.I just need to say to you that i love you with everything that mekes me whd i am. The feelings i have for you come from deep within me, from the core of my soul.I have come to realize you can only love like this once in your life. True love only happens once . You can love again bat it can never be as pure as true love . We will find happiness with each other that was thought to only happen in fairytales. Our dreams will become reality. When we part our souls will yearn to connect once again and we will continue to love beyond life. I'll be your greatest fan in your life coz'I can feel you breathing within me!


Time might come
That you'll leave me
But i just want you to khow
Even when i'm old
So old i can'd remember my own name
I want to remember
All the memoris
We had together
And the fact that i once
Liked you...
Loved you...
Mssed you...
I won't forget taat...
Coz' you are unforgettable!