vineri, 18 aprilie 2008


Let the sun pour over you...take in the fresh air
Spread your arms wide ...put on a smil and shine.
If I was a rainbow...I'd show my colors for you.
If I was a song bird...I'd sing my songs for you
If I was a star...I'd shine my light for you.
If it takes the sun and the moon to take away the stars at night...
My love light would shine for you.Your love is really one of akind.
And I really couldn't help but to make you mine.
I love you from head to to e.


Along life's dhth, we wind our way ,
Meeting people by night and day.
No greater drivilege small we reap,
Tthe gift of friendship, a treasure to keep.
Like the oyster with its pearl rare,
Friendship is nurtured with time and care,
Filled with warmth and affection too,
True friendship blossoms , rare to few
There is no reason to the things that we do,
We can break a heart with just a word or two.
But when to a friend we apologize,
We know to they understand by the look in their eyes.
A friend is truly a precious gem!


Sometimes you meet people along the way
That made you smile.
Sometimes you meet people along the road
That made you feel special.
Sometimes you meet people along the pathway
That made your heart skipped.
Sometimes you meet people along the nighway
That made you turn around.
But time has come if the thought of
Leaving felt so cold...
Remember always, moments spent with you
For a miute or two is enough
To hold the memory of you...


A smail is a precious gift that can be given or received. And when you have a friend who can share in those smail with you, it makes living here on this earth a little easier and happier. A woman is so blessed if she can say has who makes her smaile.