luni, 28 aprilie 2008


If love is a dream, then I hope not to wake.
If love is confusion, then let my mind shake.
If love is the sun, then let it burn on...and if love is God, let him rule long!
If love is a fariy tale, do let me see...and if love is a persone,please let it be me!If hate is a fire, then give me apool.If hate is a trick then I hope to be out of fool.If hate is a rhythm then I'll break the beat... and if hate is hunger, I just wont't eat.If hate is a story, I'll coose the book...and if hate is a vision, I just won't look.
If hate is power, I'm stronger than he...and if hate is a person, I pray it isn't me.

who cares if i am a fool to others...

Your love is what keps me going.My heart is beating, my blood is flowing.The precious words I yearn to hear.Losing you is the only thing I fear.I have faitm...God will do us right.We will not give up with out a fing.Together we can conguer it all.Don't get discouraged, you know what to do.Pray to God and keep love inside.You can't lose your almighty pride because I love you with all of me.Without you I just can't be,you're in my heart forever, we're never apart.Our souls were attached from the start.It's your love that matters to me...not what people will say about uz coz' what only matters to me is you!