vineri, 12 februarie 2010

Connect-R- Borning Love

When I think of everything,
I think of any.
When I think of any,
I realize that there is more.
When I think too much,
means thinking of you.
when I think of you,
I do not know the percentage thinking
and the percentage feeling.
when ... I feel,
Everything seems everything, and everything seems all.
when, still feel,
means that I miss.
and when I miss,
miss you.
When I miss you,
not understand anything. therefore,
are many days that,
... not understand anything.
when ... understand something,
understand that, however,
understand when,
I miss all of you.
When I miss you ..... and Asha,
I could go on forever. know why?
for that anyway, do not understand anything ...

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Vivian spunea...

Good poem, that makes one ponder everything and any and all emotions.

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