sâmbătă, 12 aprilie 2008


Many will say that hardship & difficulty r normal. However, life should not be a struggle. It should flow w/ effortless ease&simplicity. Mine does . Life is full of love , joi , inner, peace, excitement,& meaning. Suffering& struggle is indication that an individual is of harmony w/ his inner self& purpose. Let urself be open & life will be easier. U know ur highest self by listening 2 d voice that only wants U 2 be at peace. IF U let cloudy water settle , it will become clear. IF U let ur tubbulent mind settle , ur path willalso become clear. The secrets of the universe are only secrets 2 a noisy mind. Silence is the veil of GOD.All problems contain d seed ofopportunity 4 some greater benefits, & this awareness allows U2 take d moment & transform it into a better situation or thing . That's just life; it only seems like it gets harder but if U look around U may see that others have it harder than U.

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